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The complete hat collection! Signed by more bands than i can count on my hands!!!! #music #musicislife #swag #classy #snapbacks #marvel #tmnt #starwars #nerd #comics #dc #thiswildlife #theamityaffliction #mcoe

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This #movieshoutout goes out to #thegiver a movie that not only carries a deep moral lesson but also captivates what its like to be alexithymic in a very broad emotional way. This movie is a definite #moviemustsee or #mustread book that should not skip any generation. To be blunt this movie captivates the beauty of the single human gift we possess that makes us more unique than any other organism on this planet….Emotion. With a cast of both rising and well known a list actors this movie not only breaks the heart but opens it to a deeper level of human compassion in various fleeting movements. It literally makes being human feel
Superhuman in every way. There are numerous quotes, and themes to be gained from this film. Totally worth paying to see and i would even go as far as to say bootlegging this film is a grave injustice. Go check it out! Watch on #avidmovielovers I’m still breathless from this film its going to take awhile to process. To see a film explain better than you ever could the disorder you struggle with daily is a captivating a beautiful thing. Especially when it offers answers to be deciphered on the road to becoming better. #flipagram made with @flipagram
♫ Music: The Killers - Human #movieshoutout #moviemustsee #avidmovielover #thegiver #alexanderskarsgard #merylstreep #katieholmes #odeyarush #taylorswift #brentonthwaites #jeffbridges

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Got my copy of #theamazingspiderman2 from target for the exclusive sinister six blu-ray footage! #spidey #spiderman #spideyfan #andrewgarfield #emmastone #danedehaan

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Attentive leopard (by Tambako the Jaguar)